About Me

This Is MeI’m Natascha Fisher, 33 years old and mother of 3 awesome daughters.
I’ve been learning and loving crochet for the past 5 years.
An old friend of mine who was a real crochet addict taught me how to make a hat and I remember when I finished my first hat I was sooo proud of myself.
Who would’ve imagined that I’d be making a hat with a simple crochet hook and some yarn.

After that I experienced a lot of turmoil in my life so I wasn’t really crocheting during that time.
But when things calmed down and I got pregnant with my youngest daughter I really felt the urge to start crocheting again.
That’s when her first blanket was created. (LOL look how crooked it is )

After making that blanket I’ve caught the crochet fever and I’ve made many more items.
I was eager to learn everything I saw and it was this hunger for information that brought me to my CBN teacher.
Mr Todd Paschall.
I saw his work and I was in awe.

I HAD to find out who made this piece of art and I added him as a friend on Facebook.

He told me I could learn the technique and it was all I could think about.
I saved some money and decided to get certified too.
And let me tell you it was worth every penny.

Shortly after I got certified I learned how to make my own patterns.
Slightly different than the CBN technique but the quality is exactly the same and the best part is…… you don’t have to take any classes.


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