Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided this list of answers to frequently asked questions about FiberPics.

Please come back from time to time, as the list will be updated when new questions arise.

What are FiberPics?

A FiberPic is a specialized pattern technique that directs the crafter with single crochet
how to create portraits that are designed from a submitted digital photo.
It is a written pattern so unlike a graph you don’t have to count squares.
The pattern does all the counting for you which makes it easier and faster to execute.

How can I learn how to make my own portraits?

There are training patterns and a video tutorial available on this site.
The online patterns and tutorial can be followed at your own pace.

Are FiberPics difficult to learn?

Not at all! If you can single crochet, operate a pair of scissors, and tie a knot, then you have all the
skills necessary to do this.
Even if you do not know how to single crochet, there are several tutorials available on youtube that show you how to learn this simple stitch.

Is there a training fee?

No the training patterns and the tutorial are free.
You only pay when you order a personal pattern or download a pattern from the pattern shop.

How do I pay for my patterns?

For now the only payment option is PayPal.
If you do not have a PayPal account, one is easily created at the PayPal website.
If you have visa you can also use paypal to pay for your pattern.

If you order a personal pattern you can pay for it by using the Donate button on the left of the page.
You enter the size and type ( vector, grayscale or color) of your pattern in the purpose box and you enter the price  of your pattern in the donation amount box.
After I received your payment I will make your pattern and send it to you via email.

If you want a pattern from the pattern shop you click the pattern that you would like to purchase.
Once you have done that you will see a pay now button, this will direct you to PayPal.
After your payment your pattern will be ready for download.

Some patterns will show a facebook and twitter button under the pay now button.
If you click share you will get a small discount on your pattern

What materials do I need to get started?

The training patterns are not very large and do not require a great deal of yarn.
The first training pattern is only 15 stitches x 15 rows.
You can choose any two colors to use.
It is suggested that you choose a light and a medium color so that they contrast.
However, you don’t want a color that’s too dark or it will be difficult to see the stitches.
This goes for the second pattern as well.
The third pattern will be given to you in a gray scale format with 8 colors dedicated to the pattern.
A color pallet is included in the pattern.
Unless the background consists primarily of one color, one skein of Red Heart Super Saver or comparable yarn in each color is generally enough to finish the portrait..
If you do change the suggested colors it is recommended that you substitute light colors with light colors and the same with dark colors.

What is a grayscale color pallet?

A grayscale pattern is made of ascending shades of a single color.
Your personal pattern will be provided with a color pallet in the brown shades.
On the training pattern page, you will find a chart that will give you the color pallet for other colors including: BLUE, GREY, PINK, GREEN, PURPLE, and ORANGE.
The color numbers are interchangeable with the suggested yarn colors for each shade.
These are just suggested colors.
You can always create your own pallet of color shades.
It is important that they are ascending from dark to light and do not clash.
It is difficult to determine what will work until you actually work the colors in a pattern.
In other words, it’s a matter of a lot of trial and error.
However, the color pallet that is sent with the personal portrait pattern has been tried and is confirmed to work well.

Do patterns come in colors?

Yes, patterns can be created in colors, but the numbers of colors needed is typically very large.
Also, the specific yarn colors are not provided.
You are given a color pallet with pattern numbers, but you will be required to match up the yarn colors based on this provided color pallet.
The cost is also generally pretty high for colored patterns due to the complex nature of their development.

Will I be taught how to make my own patterns?

Unfortunately, no.
You will learn how to read and execute a pattern but not how to create your own pattern.

Can you tell me what software you use?

Unfortunately I can’t tell you that either.
There are many sites that offer (free) pattern making software.
If you like to design your own patterns you can always go to Google and look for one.

How can I get additional patterns after my training patterns are completed?

There are additional patterns for sale in our pattern shop.
You can also request for additional portraits to be created.
You can make this order by sending an email to dashiquicrochet@hotmail.com

What do I pay for my pattern?

Patterns vary in cost from $5 – $50 depending on the complexity of the picture to be converted.
The cost of a vector portrait vary in cost from $5 – $20
The cost of a grayscale portrait vary in cost from $10 – $25.
The cost of a colored portrait vary in cost from $20 – $50.
It can take as long as a week to have a pattern converted depending on the backlog at the time.
We hold specials from time to time to offer discounts on patterns.
Occasionally, selected patterns are also listed from the pattern shop for free.

How come my portrait looks blurry when I look at it?

You must keep in mind that you are working with yarn and the portraits will not be as crisp and clear
as the photograph it was taken from.
This is called impressionistic art.
If you stand back from it and look at it from a distance of a few feet, you will see the picture much clearer.
These portraits are intended to be mounted and hung on the wall.

What do I do with all those cut ties and knots on the back?

Because these pieces are one-sided portraits that are mounted and hung, the shaggy side will not be
seen as it will be up against the wall.
However, if you would like to make the portrait to be able to be seen on both sides you can add a fabric backing on the portrait that will allow for a clean back and also protect the ties from coming loose.
The smaller portraits also make nice pillows with the messy sides hidden on the inside of the pillow.

Can I just carry the yarn so that I don’t have all the cut ends?

You can certainly try to do this.
With the portraits there are MANY, MANY, MANY color changes, often after as little as one stitch.
This makes carrying the yarn very difficult and complicated.
Some have found some success with weaving the ends into the piece after the piece is finished, making the
piece a lot cleaner than before but not as clear as the front.
It is definitely another “trial and error” and “what works for you” process.

What is a Vector?

A vector is a portrait that only uses 2 colors.
Normally the color Black and White but you can substitute these with any color you like.

Can I carry my yarn with a vector?

You certainly can but like the grayscale portraits there can be many color changes.

What do I do when I don’t like how my pattern looks?

I always try my best to make your pattern looks the best way possible in the chosen size but if you don’t like how it looks you can always order it in a bigger size.
Because patterns are digital they are not refundable so make sure you choose wisely before placing an order.

Help  I can’t find my pattern anymore, can you send it to me again?

It is your own responsibility to make sure that you don’t lose your pattern.
Unfortunately it happens that computers crash or you just forget where you saved the pdf file.
Therefore I recommend that you print out your pattern and store it in a place where you can find it.
For privacy and storage reasons I delete your picture and pattern from my computer, so once it’s sent I have no way of getting it back for you and you will have to order it again.

I don’t like how my pattern looks, can I get a refund / redo my pattern?

Because patterns are digital products you can’t get a refund.
Make sure you find a good picture and think about the size that you would like it to be.
If you’re not sure you can ask for a preview before placing your order.
If you don’t ask for a preview I will send you  the patterns exactly how it comes out of the software without any adjustments.

What do I do when my question isn’t answered here?

When you have read the FAQ and you still have a question, you can always contact me and I will be happy to help you.