Commissioned Pieces

Let’s say you don’t want to crochet something yourself but you would love to have a portrait or artwork of one of your own digital pictures.

Just send me your personal picture and I will make the piece for you.

For me to be able to do this I need a down payment of 25% of the price.
This is for me me to make the pattern and material costs.
Please be aware of the fact that once you’ve paid the down payment you are NOT obligated to order the piece.
However the down payment is NOT refundable.


The price of your commissioned piece depends on the size of the pattern.
If it’s a small piece (made from an S pattern) I charge $15 per page of the pattern so if the pattern has i.e. 17 pages the price will be 17 x $15 = $255
Medium size is $20 per page, Large $25 per page and Extra Large $30 per page.

Click here to request a quote or order your commissioned piece now.


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